Social Media Launch Dates

I was asked the other day what came first, Facebook or Flickr.

Without getting into the logo controversy, I’ll just say, I immediately thought it was Facebook that came first. However, given the audience I was speaking to, I shyed the gun and said I wasn’t sure.

At this time, I still haven’t researched the exact launch dates but I’m going to hold strong to my gut instinct that Facebook came first. Now, if I’m wrong, I’ll humbly admit the fault. ┬áBut since I was in college when Facebook launched, I’m pretty sure I was exposed to it right when it exploded into the college scene. And maybe because I spent so much darn time on Facebook instead of studying other online tools I selectively forgot to index the launch of Flickr in my brain.

So, although you readers don’t need to hold, I’m off to digg up the launch dates of my favorite social media sites including: Facebook, Flickr, Digg, Twitter, Delicious, and I’ll throw in Myspace for the sake of history.

Ok, I’m back. Here are my social media launch date findings:

Interesting. All of these social media sites were launched when I was in college. I wonder if I would be as immersed in technology if I had gone to college a few years earlier…

Well, I guess I’ll sign off with a quick ‘thank you’ to the professor of my U of M Intro to Weblogs 1101 course. I don’t remember her name, or what we were tested on, but I know that the music blog I created with my classmates was the first step in my path to social media obsession. Go blogs!